Whenever I board my dog, I always prefer he’d stay over at a family with family-oriented individuals. Since I wholeheartedly consider him my son, I’d like him being treated the same way as at home or even better. Staying with us can only be just like that. We will treat your loved one as our own and we only wish to bring them joy and happiness. Our place is 2,500 sqf retail space with myself and hired team trained by me to take care of your love’s entire stay. It’s designed to feel just as a comfy home.


Tefani & So.


Dogs we Host

We will do meet and greet with every single dog before their first stay with us to make sure we only have dogs that are compatible with the other dogs to avoid unwanted incidents. We want the safest place for our dogs so that they feel welcomed and right at home. 




We usually take 3 walks a day. Usually around the block in the alley with less traffic. We also have a fenced playground within the community that can be used for mid-day exploration outdoor.


FENCED dog park and multiple walks

Having outdoor break time in fenced park is ultimately the best gift to dogies. He/She usually gets potty breaks and play time with his friends every 2-4 hours, and 2-3 times a day. In case you like your dog only play with the good dogs, this is the best place to be.


Time We'll spend with your dog

Your dog will always have a companion who will be attentive to their need to eat, play and potty. A typical day would start with a morning walk/ potty break. Depending on your dog's energy level, a stroll or a power walk to any of the nearby parks. I will make sure your dog stays hydrated and then back to the facility for a nap/rest. Then it’ll be between indoor playtime with their own size group and resting. They will take an ease at noon for another walk or dog parking. Then back to the mixture of indoor playtime with their own size group and resting. Last walk will be right before heading home.


Photo Updates

Everyday you will receive multiple photo update, either sweet dreaming on the couch, playing in the backyard, or running on the trail. We will make sure you have peace of mind!


Your dog's sleeping arrangement

I have a few very large beds for him/her, so no need to bring beds. In case you do want to, that’s totally fine too. Just be aware, others might pee on it. You know how their domination can gets. We will put their bed by a window so the breeze can lull them to sleep. Or they can sleep wherever they want, we'll make sure they're comfy. We have large beds and lounges too, they will feel just like home.



In case of any incidents may they be minor or major, we will check in with you immediately and asses the situation carefully to see if your dog needs immediate medical attention. We have insurance for our business and are very well covered for any type of incident if it occurs under our watch. You won’t need to pay for anything out of your pocket. We guarantee that for all our customers and their dogs. 


Contact Us

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Our Office

395 9th Street

San Francisco, CA, 94103

United States


Phone: 415-969-1980

Email: stephaniexrossi@gmail.com 


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