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All we genuinely want for our dogs are their health and happiness, which tightly connected with our health and happiness. While you are busy with work, sitting in the office and meetings, and away from your dog, we are making sure your furry puppies are enjoying friendly interaction with nice dogs and loving people. We let them have open exploration, adventure, and soaking in the sunshine - whatever the best we can and want to give to them.

Your dog will always have a companion who will be attentive to their need - eat, play, potty and napping. A typical day would start with a morning walk/ potty break. Depending on your dog's energy level, a stroll or a power walk to any of the nearby parks or a short and easy walk. We will make sure your dog stays hydrated and then back to the big family facility for a nap. Afternoon will be another round of pack play, napping and last round of walk before heading back home. Then we wrap it up by taking them back to their loving home. They gets potty breaks and play time with their friends every 2-3 hours. Should you have any special need, just feel free to let us know, we would be more than happy to accommodate!

Having separate areas for doggies of different seizes and energy level is ultimately the best gift to our dogs and our customers dogs. Each group has different actives and toys to play with to stimulate their talent and energy. Very importantly, this make sure each of them stay safe from too rough plays.

You will receive multiple photo updates throughout the day , either sweet dreaming on the couch, playing in the dog parks, or running on the trail. Not only we want to make sure your peace of mind, they will also be one of the best part of your memories in life.



Small size doggy grooming